“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”


project: waxing the city

“Kara has been working with my business for a couple of months and the improvement to my social presence is amazing. She took our vision, brought it to life and we are seeing more traffic to our social sites across the board. She is not only fun and personable but reliable and always looking for ways to improve. Social media is not my forte and she is so sweet about keeping me on my game to get the information she needs to keep things progressing! Thank you, Kara, you are truly amazing!”

project: blush and tease boudoir photography

“Kara is organized and efficient. She figured out how to get to know my community fast so the transitional was seamless. Her intuition and understanding of my business makes for great engagement within my social network too!”

project: gladiate beautifully

“KARA IS AMAZING. She is intuitive and really aides in eliminating stress, streamlining processes and the overall betterment of my business. So grateful to have been introduced to Kara. She has been essential in growing and scaling my businesses.”

project: shepherd of the valley candelas

“Kara has been our church’s social media manager since 2019 and I couldn’t be any more pleased with her dedication and commitment as well as the content she curates.  She’s very responsive to texts and email.  During her time in charge of social media, our reach continues to broaden, and we’re able to reach audiences locally and around the world.  I truly believe when Kara does our social media work she doesn’t do it just as a business, but sees our social media presence as her personal mission to help us grow and succeed.”